intercontinental fashion to your doorstep

Based in Oklahoma, U.S. ẸNI-Ọ̀WỌ̀ is an American fashion brand that specializes solely in tailored outfits. ẸNI-Ọ̀WỌ̀ meaning “profoundly honored” was coined from the Yoruba language, a dialect from the western part of Nigeria, West Africa. We bring intercontinental fashion and design concepts to your doorstep and allow you to experience and embrace other cultures. Our fabrics are 100% quality material and skin friendly. We promote diversity by incorporating African culture into American fashion and styles using the touch of African prints and textiles to add color and beauty to women’s closets. .

OUR FOUNDER –Aminat B. Odusote

A multi-lingual creative and fashion-enthusiast. Aminat has had the privilege of traveling and studying in African countries like the Republic of Benin, Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Linguistics, and she is proficient in Yoruba, French, and intermediate level Spanish. Before this, she also obtained a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the Republic of Benin. Her background and exposure to diverse cultures fueled the inception of this fashion brand. She leads a group of hands-on tailors to bring clients’ tastes to reality.


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